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Every since I saw the use of a Tulip crate on HGTV Fixer Upper I've wanted one. However I haven't really been in the mood to buy much for the house over the past year. Weird, huh? There is a reason for this mood. When I started cleaning and organizing the house over a year ago I made the decision that I would not buy anything else until I was finished, mainly because I have a tendency to buy something I love in the store, only to get it home and not use it!  Making something is different, one you have to know exactly where you're going to use it, and two it's cheaper.

After thinking a long time about it, I finally drew up what I wanted, checked to make sure we had the wood (thank god DH hangs on to wood scraps), made a trip to the home improvement store to buy the mesh and asked DH (who was making something else for me) if he would cut the pieces I needed.

This is such an easy project and very inexpensive, too.

circular saw
nail gun
wood glue (optional)
stain or paint
wire mesh ( $14.00 for a roll 24" x  6')
gloves to protect hands when cutting and mounting mesh
metal shears
staple gun
3 - paint sticks

Out of a left over piece of wood,  cut:

2 - 1 x 2" x 24"
2 - 1 x 2" x 12"
4 -  1 x 1" x 4"

I compromised when it came to the strips for the bottom, DH didn't have anything thin enough to use, BUT we do have a ton of wood paint sticks, which when cut worked out perfectly.
3 - paint sticks cut to 13.5"

Sand all pieces
Stain: I prefer to stain all the pieces before assembling.
Sand again to age
Then stencil or paint on sides, like in the image below.  I did not do this to mine, for right now I like it without.

Magnolia Market 
(affiliation statement) 
  1.  Attach 1 - 12" board to the inside edge of 1 - 24' board
  2. Attach the 2nd - 12' board to the inside edge of the same 24" board
  3. Then attach the 2nd - 24" to make a rectangle
  4. Measure and cut mesh down to size, then attach to the bottom of the rectangle with staple gun.
  5. Attach paint sticks to bottom after mesh is in place, be careful when attaching or they will crack.
  6. Flip box over and attach 4" wood strips inside each of the four corners, making sure they are flush with the bottom.

Once finished, find the perfect spot for it, then sit back and admire your work!

I am considering making another one!

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  Hello! Well, here it is already July. I am actually in the process of redecorating this room . . . again! However, I have had this post partially finished for well over a year and I figured I would just go ahead with this reveal, so please forgive the photos

Actually this room has been decorated several times over the past 8 years and although I really liked the look, I decided I would go back to a queen size bed, instead of the daybed with a trundle.

I have never really been a yellow person. Touches of yellow here and there, especially flowers, but to decorate a room around a shade of yellow and grey was a surprise to even me. However, when I saw these curtains at The Christmas Tree Shoppe (no affiliation) I feel in love with them and bought 2 pairs.

I painted the walls gray and went to work putting this room together on a budget and using what I could find around my home.

I have had this metal star for some years hanging here and there throughout my home. I decided to hang it on one side of the window in this room . . .

on the other side of the window I hung a photo of a well that I found in a decorating book many years ago.

The table is a teak wood tea table my parents bought while stationed over seas.

I crocheted the throw and made the pillow and the shams from the second pair of curtains.

On the other side of the room I hung two candle sconces and placed yellow candles in them.

 These photos do not do the room justice. But I really liked the way it turned out.

metal star & well photo - already owned
lamp + clock + books - already owned
tea table used as nightstand - already owned
mirror + metal scrolls -already owned
daybed + trundle - given 
twin mattress - free
twin mattress -$229.00
floral curtains, 2 pairs - $16.99 each set
twin quilt set - $19.99

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Do you know tomorrow is the 241st celebration of our Independence?

 I hope everyone out there has a safe and happy day.

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Here  it is July already, smh. Last month was really hectic  here. My parents put their house on the market memorial weekend and it sold in one day! So the month of June we helped pack, have a yard sale, drop off donated items, and move clothes and smaller items to their new home. I spent the last week of the month getting them settled in. Plus DH helped my sister move into her new place. Busy huh? So how's  your summer been so far?

So, here is a peek at the upcoming posts for the month of July:

Happy Independence Day!!

Guest Room Reveal:
I wasn't going to post this, the pictures taken with the other camera aren't good,plus I am in the process of redoing it again; but what the heck!

and a D.I.Y. Tulip Crate:

There will be no post the last week of July.

Plus, this month we have 3 birthdays: DH-52, my dad-92, and my oldest grandson-13...Happy Birthday!

Hope you enjoy this months posts.

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With Independence Day right around the corner, I figured it would be a great time to post these cute little patriotic desserts
The ingredients are easy to find, plus they are simple and quick to make. Now who can pass that kind of dessert up?
raspberries (I couldn't find any descent looking raspberries at the store)
whipped topping
individual sponge cakes (store bought or homemade)
small glasses

1. Prepare blueberries by rinsing well. Once rinsed place in bowl with a dusting of sugar, set aside or refrigerate over night.

2. Rinse, hull and slice strawberries, place in bowl with a dusting of sugar, set aside or refrigerate overnight.

3. Place individual sponge cakes in the bottom of glass

4. Add a good size scoop of your favorite berry, including the juice. *I love the fact that these little desserts can be personalized for those that do not like blueberries, or are either allergic to or do not like strawberries.*

5. Add the whip cream then top with either red or blue berries to give it that patriotic feel and eat them up.

How is that for quick, easy and personalized to each individuals taste.

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Hello! With the onset of popularity around reproduction Tobacco Baskets. I decided it would be fun to repost/revive my Tobacco Basket post (found here)  With a few updated pictures of mine and some tips.

I do have to say that I was amazed when the first reproductions came out and the response of people saying they had never heard of Tobacco Baskets, especially with so many bloggers using vintage and antique decor and Pinterest.

I can understand the fascination with the reproductions. One reason is even the largest reproduction is smaller than the originals, so they can be hung anywhere. Two,  many are attracted to the price, honestly I have seen the originals selling for a lot cheaper than the reproductions. Three,  they are cute! However, since they lack  the history of the originals, they do not possess the same character and char {imo}.

my tobacco basket

Short history:
First let me say that through my information gathering I discovered that in certain areas they have gone politically correct (smh) and now refer to them as "warehouse baskets".

Anyways. . .

 It is believed that the first baskets were developed by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, when North Carolina became the primary area for tobacco raising around the late 1800's. The main reason for there development was for easy inspection,{tobacco leaves used to be shipped and delivered in barrels; making inspection of the leaves rather difficult}, and to keep the leaves clean.

The baskets are made from oak.

The leaves are laid in a circular pattern with the steams facing out. A hook is secured to the center of the basket and they are hoisted in the air, for easy weighing and loading.(read more here)

After the 1980's North Carolina's tobacco warehouses and companies switched to burlap.

However, Maryland still uses the baskets.

photo attributed to
just in case someone has never seen tobacco leaves!
Since these baskets were either owned by the warehouse or the tobacco company the original baskets had their names stenciled on the side. They also have a very distinct design, which {imo} adds to there beauty.

here is the side of mine, the only word that is barely visible is "Knox"

my basket (again)
Tips on how to use/decorate:
Honestly, these baskets are so pretty that just hanging them on a wall is a statement within itself. Look at the image below...WOW! What a statement that makes...


If you find yourself wanting to add a little something to them, here are some suggestions.

French Country Rustic tool badge

On mine I added some greenery around the top left corner, then secured a sign {this is the first look}.
While cleaning and trying to redo the porch & patio, (the concrete needs to be repainted, but afternoon/evening rain is making it hard to get it done), I decided that it was time for mine to get a different look, mainly because the greenery was on its last leg!! Upon further inspection, I also discovered that a few creepy crawlies had taken up residence, {sorry I don't do spiders...smh nope!}  DH, {seeing me do the heeby jeeby dance} was nice enough {while laughing} to remove the greenery for me.

I decided to go with a wreath for now.

I would LOVE to have about 50 ... umm ... 2 maybe 3 more!

You can also find other inspiration on my Pinterest board (found here).

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