I have inherited a couple of comfort food recipes from my fathers side of the family. This is one of those dishes that has been made the least as far as I know.............for a long time. You see my father is the oldest of 10 kids (he was born in 1925-my mother is the youngest of 9)! Each one of his siblings has had 2 to 10 kids, and they have kids; so keeping up with all of them is really difficult, as you can imagine! So knowing who in the family has changed this recipe is difficult.

The recipe is quick, simple and has very few ingredients. The only thing I have changed is one of the ingredients; which is cabbage. My daughter is the only one that likes cooked cabbage, so if she wants cabbage then she has to make her own!

Here is my recipe with side notes.........................
  • 1 pkg polska kielbasa
  • 10 medium potatoes
  • carrots (I use baby carrots and just dump in however many I want)
  • ** 1 medium head of cabbage cut in quarters** (this is omitted from my recipe as stated above)
You will need a large stock pot.
*If you are using cabbage go a head and put in the pot.*

Peel and rinse potatoes

cut into 1-inch cubes and put into pot
If using whole carrots peel, rinse and cut about an inch thick, place in pot. If using baby carrots just pour the desired amount in pot.
open your package of Kielbasa and

cut into 11/2 - 2 inch slices, put in pot 
    add hot water to pot, making the water covers all ingredients. Place on stove and boil until potatoes and carrots are fork tender. 

    *You can choose any side to serve with it. My mother has always used Mac & Cheese and usually dinner rolls. I serve Mac & Cheese.*
    I prefer the three cheese, but I got a great deal on a family pack of the regular at the commissary, so this will do.
     *Now several family members use regular mustard to dip the Kielbasa in. However, my husband and I prefer spicy brown mustard. IT IS SO GOOD!*

    Once the potatoes and carrots are finished, add a little pepper and serve. Believe me when I tell you that NO SALT will be needed.

    Excuse the paper plate, My precious had a baseball game last night and I didn't want to clean up a lot of dishes

    So that is it. Hope you enjoy it!

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