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Several weeks ago I asked DH if they had any burlap bags at work:

ME: "Hey hun? Y'all have any burlap bags?"

DH: "I don't know, I guess. WHY?" (looking at me with that what is she up to now look)

ME: "Well, I was going to buy burlap but it's to $@%# expensive, plus Lowes keeps selling out of it. If y'all have some, why throw it away when I can use it."

DH: still giving me that look.."I'll check." and then quickly found something to do before I started in with the bombardment of questions.

Now despite the fact that I wanted to irritate him about them.........I resisted.
 Then a few days later he calls me from work:

DH:"Hey! How many bags do you want?"

ME: "Why? Do y'all have some? Just a couple, Why?"

DH: "Yes, we have some. Only a couple? OK........Love you, bye." Now, he gave me long enough to say love you, too; then he hung up before I could start in with the questions.

Now since he rode his bike into work, I knew he couldn't bring them home. So, I waited...............waited..................waited.......................and waited some more (four days worth of waiting impatiently  patiently).

DH: "Hey! I got your bags in the garage."

ME: all excited "Really? How many did you get? Are they big or small? Are.........."

DH: " will you just go look."

We walk out and I see these:

There were 10!  Just a few more than I wanted but I can figure out something to do with them. I'm about to jump out of my skin with excitement. THEN.......

DH : "Those aren't the only ones."

ME: "What do you mean, those aren't the only ones?"

DH: "The black box has more bags."
Are you ready??.....................look at HOW MANY he brought home!!

There are at least 50 in the box. They are all coffee bean bags.Aren't they cool??

Until I figure out what I'm going to do with the rest; I will show you what I have used two for already.

DH brought two of these end tables home. I decided to paint the legs and edges white.

I took two of the burlap bags, ran them through the washer and dryer. OMG, they left so much lint in the dryer I had to use the vacuum to get it out!! Anyways, I grabbed my spray adhesive, some upholstery tacks and got to work. DH gave me a hand laying the burlap on the top.  We trimmed of the excess, smoothed it out and let it dry. Once dry, I touched up any loose edges with hot glue, plus it helps with any fraying.  Then I took a ruler or tape measure; measure and place a mark every inch around the edge of the table and tap in upholstery tacks.  Now I sprayed two coats of satin poly on the top of the table, to protest the burlap from any spills, etc.
Unfortunately, we already had a spill and from this I will tell you that four coats would probably work better.

Here is what they look like now:
This one had a rip and stain on one side, so the graphic is off.

These are going in the family room on either side of the sofa, for now that is all you get to see of them until we finish. Sorry! The great thing is the cost ........free!! Yippee!!

What to do with the rest of those bags?????

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