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  M y  grandson is on Spring break this week, so I will not be posting but I have a wonderful guest post for you from SUE @ MY BATHROOMS. Hope you enjoy it!


     5 Easy Steps to Achieve a Functional Bathroom
Are you desperate to put in a new bathroom, but have no real idea of how or where to begin? Well, here you have five quick and easy steps to guide you through the process of getting your brand new bathroom up and running, ready to use and looking good!

1)   Tub, Toilet and Basin

Obviously, your bathroom furniture is the most important aspect of your bathroom. If you are putting in a new bathroom, these will have to be purchased and many home stores offer an installation service too. If you are remodeling your bathroom, you will have to decide if your current bathroom set is good enough to keep or if it needs changing. Old enamel tubs can be resurfaced to eradicate water stains and damage caused by wear and tear, so do examine all your options before deciding on a course of action. Once you are happy with your bath, toilet and basin, you can move onto the next step.

2)   Vanity of the Goods?

Install a vanity around your basin. No only does this hide all the pipework, it showcases the basin beautifully and also gives you somewhere to put brush and make up while getting ready! An attractive, fitted vanity can do wonders towards making your bathroom seem professionally designed and attractive.

3)   Coat of Paint

Sometimes all a bathroom needs is a fresh coat of paint, and any remodel or new fit bathroom should benefit from this! Choose a good quality paint that is very water resistant and easy to clean. The expense of the top quality paints is sure to pay for itself as you will get years of use out of it.

4)   Reflections of Life

Install a very large mirror or several small ones, arranged so as to create one big mirror. The more mirror you have in a bathroom, the more effectively you are apparently doubling the space in the room – and most bathrooms can benefit from the illusion of roominess!

5)   Light the Way

Invest in a good, watertight and attractive light fitting that can take one or two bright bulbs. In this way, you will ensure that your new bathroom is literally shown off in the best light possible! Being able to see clearly in the bathroom is a must, so never skimp on lighting. After all, if you want to look your best, you need to see well to put on your make-up!

After the above five steps are complete, all you have to do is add matching accessories and towels to the room and you are there! One brand new, easily achieved bathroom!
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WOW! What a great post and so informative.Thank you so much Sue! Make sure to head on over and check out My Bathrooms

 I am in love with the last image...*sigh* What about you...which is your favorite?

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