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I  have finally finished the laundry closet!
 It took me long enough.

However, part of the problem is the fact that this isn't a laundry room. You know... you open the double doors and BOOM there is the washer and dryer. I mentioned in my Home Tour Pt.1 that I was hoping to find a home with a laundry room
this house had everything else we wanted so sacrificing an actual laundry room was fine with me; it just made it more difficult to decorate.

Paint color was one of my biggest issues.
When we first moved in I painted the walls a chocolate brown and it stayed that way until this past summer, when I decided to use a paint color I had picked for the second bath but changed my mind.
This paint color is called "SPICED PUMPERNICKEL".

It's an odd color I know but once I put it on the walls in here it just seemed to work.........unlike in the bathroom.

Then the long drawn out process of trying to figure out how I wanted to decorate it. Of course I had tons of ideas on my pinterest board: HOME DECOR: LAUNDRY ROOMS

Here are just a few
Isn't this just the cutest laundry room? The Fancy Shack

Love the little vintage childs dress......FROM MY FRONT PORCH TO YOURS

Talk about great inspiration. But how to take these ideas for laundry rooms and convert them into a closet!!
I definitely needed shelves. It had on ugly wire shelf when we moved in. That was taken out about 6 months after we moved in. DH installed one wood shelf in the same spot as the wire one. Then last year I had him install a second shelf.
I had debated on whether or not to put a cabinet in there........
I'm a bit of a pack rat and I knew if I had a cabinet in there I would be keeping things I do not need to keep!!
I spent almost 6 months looking for baskets to use in there. I wanted metal with a liner and I didn't want to pay alot. I finally found 3 oval baskets at Ross's. I found a rectangular one at World Market, when we moved my youngest son to Mooresville, NC for school. The other one I found at Hobby Lobby. With baskets on the ready I framed my first printable (I don't have this one available for download).

Figured out where I was going to put it and just went from there.

Each basket has a label attached to it so family members know where things are.

There is also a glass jar bought from Walmart that holds Borax.
One basket holds light bulbs,

another holds my jugs of laundry detergent,
one holds the iron
and the smallest one holds my go to tools (this saves me from going out in the garage or shed when I need a tool in a hurry)

The metal laundry sign actually had hooks on it when it was purchased but I had DH remove them.

Between the washer and dryer is the step stool. We actually have 2 but one is for the garage and outside and this one is used inside. Next to that I mounted a 3M hook and hung our mini ironing board from it.

And last but not least is my...
Clothespin wreath!!! The tut for this will be posted next week, so be on the look out for it!

It has only taken me 5 years to finish it, but, I believe it was worth it and I am glad it is finished!
What do you think?


Enjoy! Thank you for visiting, Tina

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