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I love Buitoni pre-made tortellini.

They can be a little explensive
one normal size package can feed a family of three with a little (enough for lunch the next day) left over.

We prefer the three cheese tortellini and have heard that the cheese ravioli is excellent also.
The great thing about this pasta
is you can have a great meal in less than 30 minutes...
(longer if you make your own sauce)
I try to keep a package and a jar of pre-made sauce handy.

So, this is what you need for this quick, yummy meal:

1pkg (or more) of Buitoni Three Cheese Tortellini

either homemade/semi-homemade or jar alfredo sauce

1. Prepare pasta according to package, steam broccoli, and prepare sauce
2. Once pasta is finished, drain. I leave about a 1/4 cup of pasta water in the pot.
3. Add steamed broccoli, mix well
4. Then add pasta sauce, mixing well.
5. Place pot back on medium low stove and heat through, making sure to stir often.

Once heated through serve with your choice of sides and ENJOY!

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