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Over a year ago,
I was perusing Pinterest when I came across these beautiful crocheted throws.




It has been over 30 years since I picked up a crochet hook. I immediately decided that I was going to start crocheting again.
But would I remember how?
So, I hopped on google and began to search. Just imagine how pleased I was to find an abundance of youtube videos to help me out.

I then set out to see if I still had my very first crochet hook...
can you beleive...
after all these years I still had it.
With hook in hand (not literally) I set out on my quest for yarn, more hooks and ideas!

My first project was a blanket for Michael. Yeah, the over 6ft tall youngest son...
was that an undertaking...
it took me a year to finish it.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take any pictures before he gave me a kiss, thanked me, and wrapped himself in it. I thought I would have time before he went back to school...

I did have several other afghans that I was working and reworking during the past year.
I couldn't find the stitch that I loved well enough to finish one project.
this past November 2014,
when I found this adorable little stitch.

I knew it was the stitch to use for the family room afghan. I went out bought some white yarn and got to work. It took me a month working 2 to 3 days a week for 2 hours a day.

Isn't it just adorable?
Plus, it's so soft and warm!

There is one part of this afghan that I didn't work on. So, let me give a big shout out to Mr. HSH, for making the pom poms!!!

You see the making of pom poms & tassels eludes me. No matter how many times I have tried they always come out looking like...hell!
So, from this point on Mr.HSH is my official pom pom/tassle maker, YAY!

Have you rediscovered somthing you've been away from years?


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