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Oh my! It's August already, can you believe  it? My youngest grandson starts kindergarten the 10th, my oldest grandson starts the 8th grade on the 15th, and DH starts classes on the 20th.

 As I mentioned  here my parents moved to a smaller home, so we received some of the things they didn't want to sell. So DH and I tried, without accomplishing it (thanks to the heat), to clean out the garage to make room for some of the things we were given. Plus we had 3 birthdays in the month of July. Then life thought it would be fun to throw a few kinks at us towards the end of July and the beginning of August, which is why this post is late. 😕 Thankfully, I only had one post scheduled for this month.Here is what I will be sharing about mid-month:

Kitchen Island with trash can storage:

If things get sorted out before the end of the month I will be posting - "Guest Bathroom Reveal".
Hope you enjoy this months post!

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