Hello July! How's your summer been so far? Busy and hot here, which is not out of the ordinary for my part of NC.

Look at the blooms on my hostas! When I took this photo I was really hoping that our hummingbird would make an appearance, but he didn't...

Life has been busy here; we recently finished building a deck on DH shed, the only thing left to do is treat it. I am still debating whether I want flower beds around the front, but that will have to wait until next spring. Along with changes to the beds out front. Plus we are scrapping the paint off the concrete on our back porch, since I don't want to use any harsh chemicals this has been very time consuming.

We have several d.i.y and home redecorating projects going on, such as painting, removing a cabinet and extending the counter in the kitchen, bead board and closet organization in the 3rd bathroom, moving furniture and I am still working on decluttering the house. | HERE |

Our youngest grandson is visiting for the first 2 weeks of July, so I will be busy with him + birthdays, etc. So, this is going to be a busy month, too.

How many of you ordered this book? | HERE |
I did and already have several diy's marked that I want to try.

I bought this book, | HERE |
So far I have really enjoyed reading it.

Oh! How many of you have pre-order this book? | HERE |
I have and I can't wait to read it.
I also have her cookbook | HERE | and have read it 3 times. No I haven't tried any recipes yet, but I have ones marked to try! And I've read this one too. | HERE | it was cute and funny.

Do you know Tonya over at RUSTIC & WOVEN?
I love her style and her sweet dog Alice, too. Anyways, she posted a link to this chandelier | HERE | and I am in love!

With that said, I would like to wish AMERICA and you a safe and fun filled INDEPENCE DAY!


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