Slippery shoots are the vertical struts – usually made of beech wood – that are placed on the bed for babies. A playpen can be equipped with these on four or two sides as well as only on one side. With normal cots, it is usually the case with one side. Most beds have two or three side-by-side slip rungs loosely attached so they can be easily removed and replaced. Above a rung, they are equipped with a spring.

What is the purpose of completing slippers?

Babies and toddlers often have fastidious sleep. Slippery sprouts ensure that the little ones do not fall off the mattress or out of bed during the night’s sleep or nap. Even if the toddler is awake, it cannot leave his place unobserved. It has to wait until it is lifted out. Slip sprouts, therefore, contribute primarily to the safety of the child.

If you want to give him free exercise and support him on his voyages of discovery, you can temporarily remove the sprouts. It also gives your child safety when it is a little bigger. It can slip through the resulting gap in the grid without danger and slip and no longer has to try to climb over the grid. From about the age of 2, you should consider removing the sprouts on the baby bed eventually. You can get information on buying a mattress at

Why remove the slippers on the baby bed?

If the baby or toddler is already walking, it is advisable to remove the removable rungs so that they can safely leave their cots. Often toddlers try to climb over the grid of the bed and injure themselves. This risk is mitigated by removing the slip rungs. Whether they are permanently removed or only for a nap, is up to the parents themselves – here are empirical values.

We recommend mattresses with a fixed edge for the cot and crib. The reinforced edges prevent the toddlers from slipping out or when trying to stand up for the first time. When buying baby cots, make sure there is little space between the bars to prevent the baby bats from becoming dangerous to the baby. In addition, stable and child-resistant design for the entire bed frame including well screwed or otherwise fastened components without loose or smaller, swallow able items is important.